OpenAPI Validation

Validation settings can be used to ensure that requests made to your mock API and responses returned by your mock API are compliant with your OpenAPI specification. Settings for OpenAPI validation can be found in the Settings tab on the OpenAPI page. There are three options for OpenAPI validation: no validation (the default), soft validation, and hard validation.

OpenAPI validation settings

The “no validation” option will have no effect on your mock API.

Enabling soft validation will cause non-compliant requests to contain validation warnings in your mock API’s request log. Any request to the mock API and/or any response returned by the mock API containing data/attributes that do not conform to the mock API’s OpenAPI document will be highlighted on the request log page. Details of how the request was invalid can also be viewed in the request log.

OpenAPI validation logs

Enabling hard validation will cause the same request log behaviour as soft validation, with the added functionality of returning error responses containing details of validation issues to invalid requests.