Import & Export - WireMock

WireMock Cloud and WireMock share the same native JSON format for stubs, so mock APIs can be imported and exported between the two.

JSON exports can also be stored in source control, and used to clone or move stubs between WireMock Cloud APIs.

Importing a mock API into WireMock Cloud from WireMock

Assuming you’re running a WireMock instance on port 8080, you can export all the stubs currently defined via the admin API:

curl --output example-stubs.json http://localhost:8080/__admin/mappings

Then to import into WireMock Cloud, open the Import dialog and drop or upload the example-stubs.json:

Import file


A current limitation of this approach is that response bodies represented as files under the __files directory will not be imported. See how this can be worked around by uploading a WireMock project folder and via the WireMock Java API.

Importing a mock API into WireMock from WireMock Cloud

First, export the stubs via the Export dialog in the Stubs page:

Export dialog

Then call the WireMock import API with the file you downloaded:

curl -v -d @example-stubs.json http://localhost:8080/__admin/mappings/import

Alternatively you can copy example-stubs.json into the mappings directory under your WireMock root and either restart WireMock or make a POST request to the reset API:

curl -v -X POST http://localhost:8080/__admin/mappings/reset


If any of your stubs make use of response templating then you’ll need to ensure WireMock is started with the --local-response-templating CLI parameter or Java equivalent.


It is not currently possible to import stubs that use the JWT and JWKS template helpers into WireMock.

Uploading a WireMock folder

If you have a WireMock project that consists of individual JSON stub mapping files under the mappings directory that refer to response body files under __files you can import this by dragging and dropping the project folder into the dialog. Unlike the method involving a single JSON file described above, this will cause the response bodies under __files to be inlined.

Import file

Pushing stubs to WireMock Cloud using WireMock’s Java API

Another way to import a WireMock project that has a __files directory is to push it using WireMock’s Java API. This method also inlines response bodies before sending them to WireMock Cloud:

WireMock wireMock = WireMock.create()
    // The domain name of the mock API you wish to import into
    // API token from
    .authenticator(new ClientTokenAuthenticator("mytokenabc123"))

// The root directory of the WireMock project, under which the mappings and __files directories should be found