Sharing Data Sources

Like other entities in WireMock Cloud (e.g. mock APIs, API templates, teams etc.), a data source belongs to a particular organisation. Namely, the organisation that the user that created the data source belongs to. By default, when a data source is created, the user that created it will be assigned as an admin of that data source. As with other WireMock Cloud entities, all organisation admins will also receive the admin role for the created data source. The admin role allows the assigned user to read, write and delete the data source, as well as assign other users/teams roles over the data source.

To assign a role to a user/team for a data source, simply navigate to the desired data source, open the “Share” dialog window and search for the user/team.

Stub Data Source Share Button

Stub Data Source Share Window

Once you have selected the desired subject and picked the appropriate role for that subject, click the “Invite” / “Share” button. The subject(s) should not be able to view the data source from their WireMock Cloud account.