Response Templating - Random Values

WireMock Cloud provides two random value helpers - randomValue and pickRandom.

Random strings

The randomValue helper generates random strings of a specific type and length. Optionally, values containing alphabetic characters can be made upper case via the uppercase parameter.

{{randomValue length=33 type='ALPHANUMERIC'}}

{{randomValue length=12 type='ALPHANUMERIC' uppercase=true}}

{{randomValue length=55 type='ALPHABETIC'}}

{{randomValue length=27 type='ALPHABETIC' uppercase=true}}

{{randomValue length=10 type='NUMERIC'}}

{{randomValue length=5 type='ALPHANUMERIC_AND_SYMBOLS'}}

{{randomValue length=5 type='HEXADECIMAL' uppercase=true}}

{{randomValue type='UUID'}}

Random numbers

While the randomValue helper can generate a number as a string when type NUMERIC is requested, sometimes it can be useful to emit an actual typed number with the ability to control lower and upper bounds. Working with numbers this way supports further processing with the math helper or can serve as input to the range helper, among other uses.

The randomInt helper emits random integers with one, both or neither bound specified.

{{randomInt lower=5 upper=9}}
{{randomInt upper=54323}}
{{randomInt lower=-24}}

Likewise randomDecimal will emit random decimals:

{{randomDecimal lower=-10.1 upper=-0.9}}
{{randomDecimal upper=12.5}}
{{randomDecimal lower=-24.01}}

Pick random

The pickRandom helper randomly selects a value from its parameters.

If the first parameter is a collection then the value will be randomly selected from within this:

{{#parseJson 'numberList'}}

{{pickRandom numberList}} // One of 1, 2 or 3

Otherwise a value will be picked from the list of parameters provided:

{{pickRandom '1' '2' '3'}} // One of 1, 2 or 3